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[personal profile] alexconall2015-05-14 08:15 pm
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inaugural post! I hope the omens are good—

I intend this community to be a virtual temple to Athena Eryma, Athena Alalkomenêis, Athena Glaukopis. I also intend this community to be a gathering-place for her followers. What that means in practice, I admit to not being sure.

Today I finished a small crochet owl made to this pattern:

crochet owl

I used a brown-and-white variegated cotton yarn for the body of the owl, which didn't turn out quite how I expected it to. The eyes are plain white cotton yarn with gray cotton French knots, which I may have placed wrongly but oh well. The beak is yellow cotton yarn embroidery. The owl itself will now live on my altar.

And on the off chance that an interested person happens by: the literary magazine Minerva Rising is taking applications for its Owl Award of $500 to a "wise and creative woman writer". This is sort of coincidental (not really; they chose to name their magazine for Minerva for a reason), but seems apropos.

If you're joining us, please introduce yourself in the comments.